I've been quiet on the blogging front lately because I've unfortunately had a lot of family emergencies this year - deaths, serious medical issues, and hospitalizations. This week my grandfather has had two heart attacks.

I'm trying to make him a quilt but I'm a bit overwhelmed handling everything right now. If anyone has the time and is able to make a block for it, I'd be incredibly appreciative. He's never had any medical problems before (barely even a cold all his life) and it's hitting the family very hard.

I'm looking for star blocks in soothing blues and neutrals. I'm making 12.5in unfinished (12in finished) blocks right now but blocks that finish at 6in, 12in, or 18in would also work.

If you're able to contribute a block, just leave a comment or send an email and I'll get in touch with you to give you my mailing address - you're also welcome to repost this elsewhere. Good wishes and thoughts also very much welcomed. Thank you!

On a brighter note, my grandmother (other side of the family) is finally out of the hospital after a very bad fall. She'll be in physical therapy for quite some time but it's encouraging that she's been able to go home. I'd just finished this quilt top for her before the news about my grandfather, and hopefully will be able to baste and quilt it soon.

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