Starry Dreams + Goodnight Irene


Back in the fall, my grandfather was in the hospital and I had asked for star blocks to help make a quilt for him. I've since been absent from blogging while dealing with an unrelated death in the family, so now that I'm back I wanted to show you all how beautifully this quilt came together!

Roughly half the blocks were made by me, and the others were donated by kind friends from the blogging and Instagram communities including my name-twin Eileen,  Rebecca, Lisa, Sandra, Lalaluu, Cathy, and Julie. I'm fond of how striking this quilt is, but I'm mostly just honored and humbled by the kindness of fellow quilters.

This quilt was given to my grandparents at Christmas and they were delighted with it; my grandfather is doing much better now and has made a full recovery! Thank you to everyone who has made blocks and sent well wishes.

I also finally finished the behemoth Goodnight Irene queen sized quilt for my cousin and his wife in time for Christmas. This one used mostly Denyse Schmidt fabrics and was longarmed by Shannon Parrott of River House Quilting.


  1. Hi Eileen. I'm sorry you have had to go through so much difficulty in the last while. Both of your quilts turned out beautifully. It's good to have you back in the blogging world.

  2. So glad you are back, Eileen, and so glad your grandfather has made a full recovery!! LOVE seeing the quilt you made with our blocks. I am blogging about that Whirling Star Block right now, and came for the link to your blog and I saw this and another post. :-) As Lisa, said, so sorry for your trials and losses with family over the past several months. Hugs.