Walk Through the Woods Quilt


 It's finally finished - the first quilt I ever started!

The herringbone quilt for my friend Wendy is complete - at about four months after her birthday that it was intended for and just in time for warm weather, whoops, but she absolutely loved it and that's really all that matters.

I hand sewed the final edge on the binding for this quilt, which was a first for me. I do like the effect better than machine sewing even if it is time consuming. Many episodes of Poirot were watched in the final stretch of binding.

I ended up only using the green thread and quilting a simple quarter inch grid to keep the fabric center stage, and used a cute mint and white polka dot sheet I found at Target for the backing.

I surprised Wendy with the quilt during a picnic with friends at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. If you are ever in NYC I recommend visiting; the gardens are breathtaking, particularly the Japanese koi pond and shrine. They have a cherry blossom festival every year as well.

Unfortunately I've been playing violin so many hours that I've caused myself some wrist and arm strain, so I'm taking it easy for a few days! I've had some therapeutic taping done to help reduce muscle strain and pain that is making it feel a lot better and they were nice enough to color coordinate it with my outfit:

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  1. Congratulations on finishing your first quilt. Mine is somewhere at the bottom of a cupboard. Great photos against the cherry tree background too. I hope your arm recovers soon.

  2. Yay! Way to go on finishing your first quilt -- you did a fabulous job! Good luck with your arm -- rest it up and make sure it heals well because I think you have many more quilts in your future. :) Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  3. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is lovely and at hanami time, too! Another Poirot fan, mon ami? The little Belgian is my favorite Agatha Christie character, mostly due to David Suchet. I cannot picture anyone else playing Poirot half as well - can you? Your quilt turned out lovely, and I adore the polka dot binding! I've been crushing on everyone's polka dot binding lately, so I need to use some on my quilts now. The mint thread goes perfectly with that sheet backing, and it was very clever and resourceful of you to find and use it! Hope you feel better soon; I have a feeling the world needs to hear you play!

  4. Your quilt is lovely and such a special gift for your friend! The quilt matches the park so perfectly with the flowering trees.

  5. Very pretty! And such a beautiful place for a photo-op!

  6. Eileen what a beautiful quilt you made for Wendy! It's even lovelier in the garden.
    Hope your arm and wrist get back to good again very soon!

  7. Isn't Spring absolutely WONDERFUL?!!! It looks every bit as fabulous in NYC as it is here in Kingsville! Your quilt---!!! To die for. Eileen, I absolutely LOVE LOVE it. The colours, the pattern, on the white fabric--ahh. Great job for #1. Here's to many more. :-)