ALYoF: April 2015 Goal


I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm joining in A Lovely Year of Finishes to try and get some of my WIP quilts finished. This chevron quilt was intended for a friend's birthday in January and it's now very late, so my April goal is to finish this quilt.

I'm also going to extend ALYoF since I started late - I still want to get 12 projects completed between now and the end of 2015. To that end, I'm going to get the simpler blocks finished for a Dallas Stars hockey quilt I'm making for a friend. All of the single patch and four patch blocks should be finished by the end of April, leaving me with just the stars and the paper pieced blocks to do in May.

Linking up with ALYoF.


  1. Eileen, you are beautiful! What a stunning profile pic. :-) I really like the colours you're working with in your friend's January quilt! Looks like a fun hockey quilt is going to evolve.