ALYoF - May Goal


So I was a few days late finishing up my April goal, but hopefully May will go a bit smoother!

My goal for May is to finish at least three Swoon blocks. I am making a large Swoon quilt for my grandparents who are moving out to the east coast near me and into an assisted living facility. All of the Swoon blocks for this quilt will have at least one fabric that reminds me of my grandparents, including a lot of midwestern motifs; they've been splitting time between Iowa and Arizona for the last few years.

They're both very sad to be moving away from their home but my grandmother is having some health difficulties and we wanted them to be closer to family, so they'll be a town over from my aunt and cousins, and just two hours from me by train which I am so glad for. I've been worried about them many hours away by plane because it would be so difficult for us to get out there quickly - and now I'll be able to see them more than once a year.

They have been married for over 65 years now and my grandfather still takes her dancing every week! They're still so in love all these years later.

My grandmother taught me to sew when I was little. I didn't stick with it at the time, but I've always respected her quilts and all the little decorations she's made for me over the years. Some day I will have to photograph them all properly so I can share them. She made every one of her six grandkids a quilt as a high school graduation present.

My graduation quilt is on my bed right now, claimed by Her Royal Highness the cat.


  1. How lovely of you to be able to make a quilt to gift back to your grandmother. I love having a quilt that my paternal grandmother helped me make when I graduated high school; irreplaceable.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Yvonne! I am very excited to be able to make her a quilt after all she's made for me and taught me, especially now that she's no longer able to quilt herself.