Halloween Mini Quilt Swap


This is the first time I've participated in a swap on Instagram! I enjoyed scoping out my partner's feed and planning out this little quilt. I winged it a bit with this quilt, making a section of flying geese at a time and then moving around the layout as I went until I got something I liked.

Rearranging as I went was fun and freeing - and while my points aren't all perfect, my flying geese definitely improved! I quilted it with quarter inch straight lines using the walking foot as a guide.

I also included these two cute little kitties in amongst the flying geese. I think I hit a good balance of scrappiness through a variety of fabrics while still limiting the color palette and keeping it from becoming too busy. I'm very fond of the backing lightning bolt fabric as well.

I can't wait to do more swaps!

There are also progress photos on my Instagram.

Do you do swaps? If so, how do you find the swaps that interest you?


  1. I haven't done any swaps yet but I'm definitely interested. Do you just send the swap item or do you send some goodies too?

  2. What a great mini, Eileen! I love how the design just evolved and the addition of the kitties blocks..perfect! Nope, have never done an online swap.

  3. Hello,
    Nice job! I quilt a bit and would love to find and join a small swap of some sort. Sounds a lot like fun ;)