Rainbow Kittens


The first 9 of 25 rainbow cats! I am making Elizabeth Hartman (ohfrannsson)'s cat quilt for my aunt and uncle, who rescue and foster cats. They have bottle fed over 200 abandoned kittens in the past few years. 

The original pattern makes a small, roughly crib sized quilt, so I am going to play with sashing and maybe a border to make this a lap sized throw. 

Also, this was a test mobile post to see how well the Blogger app works! I am not keen on the lack of options (can't select image size, can't center text, can't insert links) but at least it allows me to make posts with photos on the go. I wouldn't recommend it to folks who have access to a regular computer, but it is a good stand-in while on vacation. 


  1. Such great color! I look forward to seeing the rest of the rainbow. What a lovely gift for your aunt and uncle. I'm sure they will cherish it.

  2. Hi Eileen! Welcome to the NQBH New Bees group!
    Patty @ Walnut Street Quilts

  3. Aww, on the quilt blocks as well as on the 200+ bottle-fed kitties! I very nearly became a part of the fostering and bottle-feeding of kittens the winter before last in Florida. We learned how to bottle feed the little furballs, what a feeling...what a ton of work too, hats off to your aunt and uncle (maybe you should make 200+ blocks? bahaha). Hats off too for trying that app...note to self: you have a laptop, you're not going on vacation, no need to investigate! Do you think you'll use it when you're in Ireland?

  4. Looks great! I love the scrappy look of your cats and the placement of the glasses on the purple guy!

  5. I love your kitties! Especially the one with glasses. What a great tribute. That's so cool.